a lifetime discovery

Fulldome Film Society together with Kiev Planetarium and Atmasfera360 Center are proud to present the unique fulldome show dedicated to a breakthrough discovery and space mission to the core of the comet 67P.

Join the comet discoverer Klim Churyumov in the story about the origins of the Solar System and life on Earth. Meet the challenges of a 10 year long mission with "Rosetta" spacecraft and the "Philae" lander. Become the first one to find oneself on the comet surface!

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Klim Churymov
«Today everyone can take a virtual journey to the comet surface thanks to the cutting edge technology and endeavor of the talented scientists. Svetlana Gerasimenko and I are happy that the comet we had discovered in 1969 has become the key to decipher one of the greatest mysteries of Nature.»